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For 17 years [and counting], we have successfully undertaken hundreds of successful home-improvement projects as well as selected ground-up construction works. We relish undertaking your uniquely mapped out renovation project because we will match whatever task you throw at us, be it home theater installation, bathroom and kitchen refurbishment, premium flooring solutions, roof replacement, and many more. Perhaps you have your own ideas or want help finding options that will enhance the functionality and value of your property while incorporating a stand-alone character and atmosphere.

Interior Design and Décor

  • Refreshing the paint on the walls – We can give your flaked-off and drab painting by giving a new and vibrant coat of paint that integrates your personality to the interior and exterior space. An advantage of repainting the walls is that they influence your reality and give your home a warm and fresh look.
  • Flooring installations – All Bay’s seasoned remodeling and construction experts are experienced in handling any flooring project, including tile installation, carpets, wood paneling, and other flooring materials that may give your home a classy and unique style.
  • Updating Doors and Windows – The windows and doors get beat by environmental elements, lowering their functionality and energy-efficiency. We have helped homeowners install modern windows, shades, and wood shutters to control sunlight and provide a tinge of privacy.
  • Upgrading Kitchen Cabinetry – Does your kitchen look cave-like because of dull-looking cabinets? Sometimes a gloomy paint on the cabinetry may suck all the light, but we can help you brighten it up by applying a new and delightful color. We’ve also helped homeowners with installing easy-to-clean, eye-catching kitchen back splash.
  • Decks and Patios – Most of the time clients call us to work on their yards, decks or patio, we often bleak slimy, and stained scenes. Thanks to our dedication to making you happy, we have transformed many patios in the Bay Area, restoring their once lost glory.
  • Electrical and Plumbing – A fault within your electrical or plumbing system presents significant health risks and makes a property uncomfortable for occupancy. But you don’t have to worry about electrical and plumbing repairs and maintenance when we can connect you with one of our respective subcontractors to handle the job.
  • Roofing projects – Our roofing subcontractors have completed a wide range of roof installations, fix-ups, and replacement. These projects have involved different roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, slate, rubber slate, clay and concrete tiles and stone-coated steel.
  • Post-Disaster Structural Recovery – Northern California and The Bay Area are regions prone to natural disasters like, earthquakes, wildfires, and floods that destroy homes. All Bay Builders has been part of the recovery process, providing folks with structural repairs and ground-up constructions, including shell construction.
  • Gazebo – We are proud to build an oasis of comfort in our clients’ yards by adding gazebos to their properties, improving comfort and curb appeal of the space.
  • Bathroom and bedroom remodeling – Remodeling the bath or bedroom may mean anything from changing the flooring, paints, installing a rug, retiling, among others. Our portfolio is “littered” with lots of these and more related remodeling works.

Home Repairs, System Fix-ups, and Upgrades

Having understood our capabilities and due diligence when providing our home construction and renovation projects, you can trust us to handle the next project you have planned for the future. Our years’ of experience have provided learning opportunities, in handling consumer needs and wants as well as dealing with unique works. We have reliable and knowledgeable builders and accredited sub-contractors who can build your home from the ground without any blemishes, defects, or mishaps.